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 Dear Reader,


I would like to start by thanking all of those who submitted to both Literary LaGuardia and the Student Literary Forum.  This is a new collaboration and Literary LaGuardia has the pleasure of publishing the winners in addition to our own great pieces.  This year we received a record number of submissions (over fifty), so I was given the opportunity of being exposed to so many of LaGuardia’s talented writers.  I had so much fun reading all of your work!  The one downside to the large amount of submissions was that Literary LaGuardia was not able to showcase all of the amazing work.  I truly hope all of you who were not selected are not discouraged and have strong aspirations of submitting to the magazine next year (trust me all of the pieces were very close).  


When I took on the role as Editor, I first accepted this position because I thought it would be a fun and educational experience (which it was).  After putting in some time however, I realized the significant purpose of the magazine:  To give you, my peers an opportunity to have a creative voice, and also to give the readers of this magazine the chance to understand how greatly talented the LaGuardia Community College student body is.  This has been one of the more fulfilling experiences of my life so far.  I am truly grateful to all of those that backed me and gave me this opportunity (Professor Gallagher, Professor Conners, Professor Gregoire and Professor Meacham).  You guys really go above and beyond your job description, and it really makes a difference in students’ lives.  So thank you for that.    


Lastly, I would like to say that I am graduating and moving on from LaGuardia and in turn will not be able to return as Editor.  That said, the faculty advisors to the magazine will still be on board, and they have big aspirations for the upcoming years.  They will, however need the help of the student body, and I urge anyone (not just writers) with a creative bone in their body to do their part to help push this magazine to greater heights.  If anyone is interested in working with the magazine next semester or would like to submit any work (literary pieces or any type of art) contact the magazine at: literarylaguardia@gmail.com.


I know you will enjoy reading all of the great work in this issue!


Mario Garofano


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