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My own Portrait



I’m not the product of where I come from
Then again I guess it would depend on what you mean,
Cause I’m not a product of gang associations and trashing cops
I’m a product of my parents’ genes

I’m a dash of attitude, kind hearted
Maybe a bit of a temper with a hint of determination,
Pushing forward since I was 14
Since I was diagnosed as a cancer patient

For 12 years I asked myself what is love
Then I sat down and asked myself what is trust,
How can we put our all and heart into someone else
When we can’t even define what is the commitment tied to the word “us”

I’m gay, yes I crave the love of another women
The tender voice of someone of the same sex,
People hate the way I dress or act or speak..
But what they don’t know is my life is so much more complex

How could you tell what a book is about?
You haven’t taken the chance to look through the text,
A marriage is a marriage no matter who is standing out
Love isnt determined by the use of lubricant, actually that love is the fakest
Love is seeing someone naked
not naked in the literal sense,
But emotionally naked, listening to them

Memorizing the pauses in their words and their every breath

I’m hurt , those dull dragging eyes
That half smile and silence whispers,
As everyone stares and laughs
Jokingly glaring at each other, “what’s wrong with her”

I’m a product of my own errors my own mistakes
Maybe some of his too, those falls were steep,
As I sat there listening to get another promise
Diving off the edge having faith that this one he would keep

And that one, and the next..
I had hope for the hopeless,
But I guess you’d have to fail me
In order for you to even know this..

She’s dead, wake up he whispered me out of my deep sleep.
Tears formed in the corners of his eyes,
And for once in my life I saw a man of no emotion
Sit by me and rub my back as he heavily began to cry..

Life is life, no matter who you are
No matter what you’ve seen or said you can’t taint it,
There is no difference in your heart beat, your pulse
We are all the same elements of a picture perfect portrait that god painted





                                                                                                 C H R I T I N A  A Q U I N O




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.