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Travel, Tourism Hospitality Management




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The Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management curriculum, a course of study leading to the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree, is administered by the Business and Technology Department and co-sponsored by the Social Science Department. The program
is designed to prepare students either for career-entry positions in
the travel and tourism industry or for transfer to tourism management programs at senior colleges.  The travel and tourism industry is very diverse. It encompasses airline, bus, rail, and ship travel; hospitality enterprises (hotels,motels,
resorts); tour packaging; retail and wholesale travel agencies; car
rental; etc. Each of these areas has employment needs on several
levels: sales, market research and development, packaging and
advertising, customer service, operations, and general management.
The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the industry, combining liberal arts courses, business courses, specialized courses in travel and tourism, and the experience of an internship. The Cooperative Education internship gives students experience as travel industry employees, enabling them to utilize the knowledge learned in the classroom and to learn the realities of working at their chosen
profession. The travel operations courses in the program are taught
by experienced professionals.  Students who need additional skill development in reading, writing, mathematics, and communication will be required to take basic
skills and/or ESL courses. These courses are not listed in the curriculum. The particular courses students must successfully complete are determined by their scores on the college placement test.  For more information on the basic skills requirements, see page 175.  Descriptions of courses in this major can be found on page 100.


Note: Students should consult with a counselor and/or faculty advisor in the selection of elective courses to ensure maximum transferability of credits taken.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.