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elcome to the Home of The Hospitality Travel and Tourism Club, where students with common interest and common goals meet, and become family and friends.

We share an interesting bond, that is, the love for The Service Industry of Travel Tourism and Hospitality. Our aim is to learn and explore together the many fun, and educating, yet exciting ways of becoming knowledgeable and masters of our profession.

      Here, we will continue to seek to foster partnerships and networks, which will assist in our professional growth.  We have made our presence known, and will continue to do so by continuing to participate in such forums such as symposiums, fairs, workshops, and field trips.

Yes indeed; we visit casinos, and hotels, wine refineries, restaurants, travel and hotel fairs and career workshops. We even have interesting guest within the profession come into talk with us.

                   As a group, we will continue to work, learn and play together. We are one loving, and happy family who have fun in all we do, after all, that is the end result of our Industry’s product.


Come and join us. You will be happy you did.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.




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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.