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"A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click." ~ Author unknown

LaGuardia Community College

So much information at your fingertips...review and print out your degreeworks, access blackboard and ePortfolio, view LaGuardia's online catalog, and so much more!!

CUNY Portal

Just a click away from a wealth of knowledge (e.g., financial aid, CPE information, employment opportunities), the CUNY Portal is also the new way to access eSIMS (the online registration system at LaGuardia Community College).  You can check for open sections, register for classes, view and print out your schedule and transcript, etc. 

United Way CARES

A complete database of city agencies where you can search for programs by type, target group, languages, and borough.

LaGuardia's Career and Job Search

A great resource for students, it provides career information and links to other agencies and databases (check out Ferguson's Career Guidance Center under Careers by Major; you will need your LIVE email address and password to view/access the site).

Network for Good

Give the gift of charity to one or all of your favorite causes and/or volunteer your time with a nonprofit organization.

The Hunger Site

Click every day to give FREE food.  You can also click to give free mammograms, child healthcare, books, and much more!!


Become a volunteer and help those in need.  There are so many projects to choose from, but the only way you'll find your best fit is if you click on the link above (note: all new volunteers need to attend an orientation). 



Great search engine.  I also use it to get driving directions and to explore google maps (the "street view" feature is awesome; you can view street level photographs, i.e., you can see the actual street you live on and/or those of your family and friends).


The Quote Garden

Do you need a daily dose of motivation?  Or maybe you need some words of wisdom to inspire you?  Maybe a giggle or two to perk you up and get you through your day?  Well, The Quote Garden is chock full of favorite quotes and sayings that will do just that and more.  Quotes are also categorized, so all you have to do is click on the subject that tickles your fancy (e.g., goals, humor, leadership, optimism).


Web Sudoku

Believe it or not, Web Sudoku is how I "relax" when I have time to spare.  Yes, frying my brain with numbers gives me a "mini-break" from life.  There are four levels that you can choose from:  easy, medium, hard, and evil.  It takes me double the time to do a hard puzzle vs. an easy one, but I like the challenge.  Have fun!

(sense of humor disclaimer:  poster has no relationship whatsoever with Sudoku, websudoku.com, or any of its partners/affiliates.  poster takes NO responsibility for amount of hours spent online due to possible Sudoku addiction, which could result in neglect [of your studies].  poster believes here, now and forever that your studies take precedence over online games [or being online altogether], and that all online activity should be scheduled accordingly so as not to interfere with getting your super duper A!!)

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.