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      Hello and welcome to my ePortfolio!

My name is Yasmine Khamis and I am a sophomore at LaGuardia Community College. I am majoring in Psychology, hoping to become a counseling psychologist. I am an American Egyptian, and I was born and raised in the great New York City. I have a very outgoing and fun personality and I enjoy making people laugh and just being happy in general because laughter truly is the best medicine in life..




Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.

The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

- Thomas A. Edison


This quote by Thomas edison caught my eye immediately because of how quickly I related to it. I don't like giving up unless I am 100% sure that it is impossible to get it done. I like to try one more time when something isn't right so that I can show myself that I am capable of anything.

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